About Paleo in Raleigh!


Who I Am

My name is Donna and I’d like to welcome you to Paleo in Raleigh! I am the organizer of the Meetup Group “Paleo in Raleigh” based in Raleigh, NC. I moved down to North Carolina from Vermont in 2003 pretty healthy and strong and quickly developed lots of weird autoimmune issues.

So that started my journey of figuring out what was causing me to suddenly be run down and sick . The only problem was I wasn’t a sick you could just give me medicine for and fix it sick. I was now someone with multiple chronic autoimmune diseases, food allergies and lots of food intolerances. I was now an epping pen carrying allergic to my shadow girl. So began my journey to find answers and health again. I started Paleo sometime in 2009 and it finally made me feel better and gave me hope! (better not perfect) It showed me there was others out there dealing with what I was dealing with. I wasn’t alone.

I am someone who has real life experience dealing with the huge weight of dealing with a sudden chronic, mostly invisible illness in her own life and had to learned to fight for answers to HER health issues and who learned early on to be her own health advocate. I’ve never stopped gathering information and asking lots and lots of questions. I encourage people to become their own health advocate also, because in the end you are the one it will matter most too.

Who I’m Not

I am NOT an expert in any medical field. I am NOT a doctor or a specialist of any kind , I don’t have a degree in anything. I can’t diagnose, treat or cure anyone.

Why Paleo In Raleigh..

The Paleo diet or as I prefer to call it the Paleo Lifestyle, is a great starting point of figuring out whats going on with you.(** in my opinion, for whatever that’s worth) Paleo is going back to eating real, whole unprocessed foods that haven’t been messed with and that are more healthful than harmful. Once you get started you may be able to see more clearly what the underlining problems that your body has going on are.

I have always loved connecting the people who come into my life with the tools and resources I have found on my journey (and continue to find) that they may need also. Then its up to them to do their own research . Thats where Paleo in Raleigh comes in again. I want to help bridge the gap between the great resources out there and the people who need them most but have no idea where to look.

I’m very passionate about the mission of this blog and our meetup group. If you have ever met me you will know this to be true. I need this as much as everyone else does. We will never stop having to learn what our bodies need and don’t need. I always learn something when we get together as a group or chatting with people who message me. We all can help each other.

You don’t have to be from Raleigh to follow this blog everyone is welcome and hopefully can benefit.

I hope you find something that speaks to you and helps you in your wellness journey



You can Find our Local Meetup Group HERE


What’s Paleo ???

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