Paleo in Raleigh-4

Paleo in Raleigh will be Hosting it’s annual Whole30 Virtual event

What’s A Paleo Lifestyler  do for the new year? Do a Whole30 of course!  Get excited and join us  kicking off the new Year Right with a Whole30 challenge.  You know that you are ready to feel all fresh and new for 2016.

Most of this event is from the comfort of your own home but we do meet-up at least once a week with whoever is available to join us locally in Raleigh for community support. There will be online support in a closed Facebook Group so we can post away all the recipes you need without blowing up everyones newsfeed who’s not doing it.

We are not re-inventing the wheel here. All the credit for this program goes to the original one of a kind Whole30 group. We find recipes and ideas on the web and share.  Best places to get recipes is on the facebook group “WHole30 recipes” . So check them out.

Come see us at and join our Whole30 event.


Bring your ideas and support for the other members doing the Whole30.

That’s the name of the game ~ Finding other like minded people to help you succeed in your healthy Paleo Lifestyle. You get what you give so go ahead and support other’s in their whole30 and they will support you.