Paleo in Raleigh is proud to be kicking off it’s “Paleo In Raleigh Presents Series”

My dream for Paleo in Raleigh has always been connecting it’s members with key people, places and information in the community that can help them in their wellness journey.  Connections that I need and want myself in my own personal journey! We are so excited to have some great people and events in the works to make that happen.

A Paleo lifestyle is way more than just the good food you put in your body. You need to take care of all aspects of your body and mind and finding a tribe you can connect with. So with that in mind we will have topics that go beyond just the foods we are eating.

We will be starting off with~

Dr. Christopher Girdis, DC. He will be doing an Intro Class to Breathwork and the Importance of Breath presentation for our Meetup group 

“BREATHE: Introduction to Somato(Body) Respiratory(Breath) Integration

Do you feel STUCK in life?

Are you in a chronic state of STRESS?

Do you feel “DISCONNECTED”?

Do you feel like there is MORE?

Do you want to release TENSION in your body?

Are you BREATHING right?

Somato Respiratory Integration Breathing Exercises helps with:
Decreasing defense and/unconscious resistance, Assisting you to experience where you store tension and ease, Improving posture and deep breathing, and Providing a more flexible and integrated experience of the body-mind.


Sounds Great right!! Here’s the Details of How to RSVP

Be sure to subscribe to our future posts in the top side bar of this post so you can get notifications on new events and then head over to our Paleo in Raleigh Meetup website and check out the details of the presentation and rsvp as space is limit on this event. You need to be a member to view the information so be sure to sign up and join us. It is free and sure to be a very informative presentation


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