We are at it again! Jump into June WHole30 Challenge ~ Lets Go!

Just like in January we are doing a WHole30 challenge. The Paleo in Raleigh meetup members asked for it AGAIN, so we are Jumping in and joining together to do a whole30 challenge before the heat and vacations of July. June has 30 days and is smack between two 3 day weekend holidays so it’s a good month to do one. Plus it’s the middle of the year pretty much.

The challenge will be just like in January where it is mostly online but we will meetup throughout the month for a local checkin if you are in town.

We also still have the closed facebook group that has posts daily with feedback, support and recipes. We wing it and have fun.

Join us to do the challenge or if you just want to support the group as others do it.


Update Day 13 ~ 

We are on day 13 and almost to the middle of our Whole30 Challenge. We still have people jumping in starting today ( Their day 1 ) so you can still join us too if you are ready.  I personal have been having a great whole30. I’m feeling better than I have in a long time and I’m proud of the Paleo in Raleigh members that took on the challenge and are hanging tough. There is definitely ups and downs for people, especially when they are traveling or at a BBQ but everyone is doing great and has a good attitude.

Here’s to feeling better, team work and supporting friends to a healthier way of life.


#Whole30On  #Day13

Update Day 18 ~

We are on day 18 and still going strong. 12 days to go! Have you done a Whole30? Did you do it with friends or try to go it alone?  If you are in Raleigh NC you never need to go it alone. We have people that are always looking for support and someone to do a Whole30 with them. Join us sometime. We know you can do it!


** Find information on what a WHole30 is and what the program is all about HERE